The history of the Quality System development




Commencement of business

Entry in the register of establishments subject to official control by the State Sanitary Inspection Authorities


Implementation and certification of the quality system according to HACCP requirement

Hazard analysis and critical control points (also the HACCP system from Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - HACCP) - a procedure aimed at ensuring food safety by identifying and estimating the scale of threats from the point of view of food health requirements and the risk of hazards during all stages of food production and circulation. This system is also aimed at defining methods of eliminating or reducing threats and determining corrective actions. 


The system consists in conducting a hazard analysis and indicating which points of the food production process are critical, i.e. there may be hazards (biological, chemical, physical) affecting the health quality of the final product. These points are marked as critical control points and should be under constant supervision in order to obtain the final product of appropriate health quality.


HACCP is a systemic procedure for the identification and estimation of food safety hazards, from the point of view of its health quality and the risk of these hazards occurring during all stages of production and distribution. It is also an approach aimed at identifying methods of reducing or eliminating these risks. The HACCP system allows you to be sure that the plant has done everything for the safety of the product and the consumer, in relation to regulations, good manufacturing practice, good hygiene practice and customer needs.


Implementation and Certification of the Quality System according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000; ISO 22000: 2005

ISO 9001 this standard can be used by all organisations, irrespective of their size and type. It is focused on understanding and meeting customer requirements, i.e. specific needs for products of a given organization, adopting a process approach, delivering process effectiveness results and their continuous improvement based on objective measurements. This standard recommends the inclusion of organisational processes in the PDCA cycle, also known as the Deming Cycle.


The main requirements of the ISO 9001 standard include: introducing supervision over documentation and records, involvement of the management in building a quality management system, systematising resource management, establishing product realization processes, making systematic measurements (customer satisfaction, products, processes).


ISO 22000 (food safety management systems) - the requirements for each organisation belonging to the food chain, are addressed to all organisations that, as part of their activities, deal with the production, processing, storage, transport and trade of food and animal feed. The ISO 22000: 2018 standard at the same time extends the requirements of the HACCP system with its scope and in a more significant way demonstrates the connection with Codex Alimentarius.


Implementation and Certification of the Quality System according to the requirements of the International IFS Food Standard-


(continuation of the Certification in subsequent years according to the applicable versions of the standard)

IFS Food is an international standard created by the Global Food Safety Initiative as certification requirements for food industry producers. The solution belongs to the family of International Featured Standards. IFS is an internationally respected standard for food production. It mainly concerns the audit of food producers.


IFS Food is a standard addressed to retail and wholesale suppliers as well as to food producers and food processing concerns.


The guidelines focus especially on food safety, as well as the quality of processes and products. The standard is crucial for food processing companies, especially for private labels. The IFS standard is required by all German retail chains belonging to HDE, and by French traders.

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