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Darpol is all you should type when looking for the best bakery products. Improvers and mixtures are produced with very good quality.

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Improving the quality of bread

Improving the quality of bread it is known for a very long time, in the era of automation improver gained special importance in baking.


The purpose of the use of adjuvants is to simplify processes and repeatability of the product . Improver reduces qualitative changes in raw materials and fluctuations in the technological parameters. The need for the use of adjuvants also require new methods and formulation technology.

We offer improvers that can be used both on automatic as well as on craft lines.

Baking mixes

mixtures of bakery products

The use of mixtures of bakery products is well known. The rush of life makes the mixture took on particular importance in the production of bakery.


Baking mixes provide very rapid implementation of a new product in the bakery. This significantly diversified range of bakery which makes consumer satisfaction and increased sales . Use of blends significantly shortens the manufacturing process and ensures reproducibility of products in terms of taste and quality. Bakery mixes allow the generation of functional products contain many nutrients . We produce blends with the so-called. " Clean label ". Our company to customer needs approaches individual, which makes the customer is satisfied.

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